BBC D&AD Newblood 2015

Engage today’s ‘always on’ youth with the BBC’s multi-channel content

BBC Snippet is the answer to the D&AD 2015 brief to 'engage today’s ‘always on’ youth with the BBC’s multi-channel content'. Television broadcasters worldwide have been losing ground to online content in recent years, with the mass appeal of such sites as YouTube and Netflix rapidly increasing. The BBC are targeting a younger audience of 15 - 24 year olds, with research suggesting that this demographic in particular is preferring to watch televisual content online. The challenge was to reconnect the BBC's vast and already well established online content with this younger audience. My solution: Pause, Snip, Share.

Inspired by the rise in popularity of social apps such as Vine and Instagram, Snippet focuses on the BBC iPlayer, expanding its functionality by giving users the ability to share content instantly to a variety of social networks. This can either take place during live broadcasts or via on demand videos.

Users are greeted with a clear, easily defined interface with simple instructions on how to share a Snippet. Just seen something amazing or hilarious on your favourite BBC show? Got to share it? Simply tap the screen to pause and let Snippet guide you through the process. Snippet allows viewers to legally share BBC content, helping to combat piracy, as well as promoting the BBC to a global audience.

To compliment the sense of reconnection with a younger audience, the BBC iPlayer’s user-interface has undergone a transformation into something a little less serious, and a bit more fun. Gone are the dark tones and sharp edges of the current tiled layout of iPlayer, and in their place, a lighter, more friendly interface with an emphasis on interaction. Users are greeted with full motion video to promote ‘Watch Live’ content and grab viewers attention, whilst circular icons sit beneath to give users a visual guide of what's on offer via the on-demand service.

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